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Title VI Staff Information

Title VI American Indian Education Staff Information:

Mike Larsen Eileen Quintana  Analysa Allison Shoshana Begay  Natalie Billie 
Director of 
 Federal Programs
Program Manager Title VI Teacher Title VI Teacher  Title VI Technician

There is a Title VI Representative assigned to each school in Nebo School District. Please reach out to your assigned Title VI Representative for more information regarding our program. 

  • Eileen covers South Utah County Area: (Mt. Nebo Middle, Valley View Middle, Payson Jr., Salem Jr. High, Payson High, and Salem Hills High)
  • Natalie covers the Spanish Fork Area: (Spanish Fork High, Landmark High, Spanish Fork Jr., Dimaond Fork Jr., Brockbank, Canyon, East Meadows, Larsen, Park, Rees, Riverview, Sierra Bonita, and Spanish Oaks)
  • Shoshana covers the Spanish Fork/Mapleton Area: (Maple Mountain High, Mapleton Jr., Cherry Creek, Hobble Creek, Maple Ridge, & Mapleton)
  • Analysa covers the Springville Area: (Springville High, Springville Jr., Brookside, Meadow Brook, Sage Creek, Westside, and Art City)
Native club is held monthly in each Secondary School. Please contact your Title VI Representative for more information.