Nizhónígo Nee Ado’ááł (Have a beautiful day)

Josie Chee

Josie is a graduating Senior from Landmark High School. All of those who know her would describe her as smart, creative, and honest. She is the only girl in her family and her family adores her. In her free time, Josie loves spending time with her family and friends. Her family means the world to her.

After graduation, she plans to continue working and attend Cosmetology school. Josie is an artist, and she can draw from memory. She also finds it very easy to sketch free hand. In the future, Josie would like to travel and see the world.

Josie worked extremely hard her senior year to graduate, and all her hard work has paid off. Josie, the Nebo Title VI Program is so proud of you. You are definitely an excellent example of how dedication and determination can help you achieve the goals you set for yourself despite the struggles and challenges that are placed before you. Congratulations on this accomplishment in your life.

Sabria Danie Kaechzel Jolley
Iroquois, Cayuga/Seneca, Turtle Clan
Western New York

Sabria is a senior at Spanish Fork High School.  Sabria is beautiful, graceful, elegant, kind, inspiring, hard-working, a natural leader, silly and loves life.

She has been involved in the High School Color Guard since 9th grade and she has served as Captain four years running.  

Sabria is driven and loves to learn.  Because of these attributes she graduated from MTECH receiving her CNA while completing her senior year.

Sabria is a dancer and has been dancing since she was three years old!  Sabria has had the honor of dancing and performing with the SFHS Dance Company her Junior and Senior Years.  She has also had the honor of performing with the Utah Regional Ballet and she studied ballet with Sur La Point and Jacqueline's School of Ballet in Elementary School and Jr. High School.  

Her love for dance brings joy and happiness to those who watch her express her passion for dance.  She receives comments all the time of how much people enjoy watching her graceful elegance and skillful talent on the dance floor.  Sabria loves to dance where-ever she goes!

Because of Sabria's dance education and background in high school color guard, and encouragement from her older brother, Sabria was able to compete with the Utah Drum and Bugle Corps her Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years.  Sabria received her first contract with The Battalion at the young age of 15 making her one of the youngest members to be contracted with The Battalion. Sabria and her older brother were part of the Battalions Inaugural year in 2016.

The Utah Battalion Drum and Bugle Corp DCI organization is considered the Major League of Marching Band!  Students are required to try out among hundreds of students from all over the Western United States. If the student is found to be qualified and skilled enough to compete at this professional level, they receive a contract and the opportunity to train, compete and tour the Western United States with the Corp over the summer.  Sabria served as Dance Assistant her first season, Captain her second season and Dance Soloist her previous season.

The 2018 Battalion season provided some major obstacles and challenges for Sabria to overcome.  In spite of this... Sabria's love for dancing and her passion for performing along with her determination to finish what she started, Sabria danced all season with a fractured foot!  Although she had to modify her activity and wear a boot while practicing, she pulled up her boot straps and finished the season with flying colors! Despite her major injury, her solo in movement two, with her dance partner, was exceptional!  

Sabria was born in Utah and has lived most of her life in Utah, however, she did have the opportunity to live in Alaska for a few years where she came to love ice-skating.  Sabria received many medals, often competing and winning against kids twice her age.

Sabria enjoys serving her community and was the first ever Little Miss Spanish Fork and She was a Teen Miss Attendant.  She collected hundreds of pounds of clothing for children in Africa and coordinated an activity to make hair accessories to send with the clothing.

Sabria is currently working on starting her own non-profit organization called Breath of Love which one of the focuses will be on bringing awareness to our communities on how we can better include, with love and less judgment, those of the LGBTQ community, those of different faiths, color and various backgrounds.

Because Sabria's mother was adopted when she was a baby, Sabria has not known much about her Native Heritage until now...Sabria's mother recently discovered their lineage which is Iroquois, Cayuga,Turtle Clan. Sabria is also Seneca.

Sabria's Native Heritage played a crucial role in the early history of America.    Her Ancestors were the very first to have a “Constitution” on these soils. Her Ancestors assisted the “White Settlers” to form their own Constitution.  While Benjamin Franklin was forming the Constitution her ancestors were in the room assisting Mr. Franklin.

Sabria was able to visit her Seneca Reservation in Western New York last summer and learn more of her heritage and meet many, many, many members of her Native American Family.  

Sabria plans on attending UVU in the fall to continue her education in Nursing and Dance.

Sedona is a graduating Senior from Payson High School. The people close to her would describe her as caring, kind, and tough. She is a person who believes in equality and acceptance. Sedona believes in a world where people love and care for the planet; to show gratitude towards mother nature and what she’s done for us.

Sedona is from the Navajo Tribe. In her free time, she likes to watch documentaries and listen to music. She absolutely loves reading. While reading a good book, she loves to sit down in a cool area and read book after book. Sedona loves riding and being able to be one with nature, free of all responsibilities.  

An all-time favorite movie of Sedona's is Pearl Harbor (2001). The tragedy, sincerity, and love gushes out of the film and engulfs her into the setting. A TV show that she admires is M*A*S*H*(1972-1983). An insider view of what it’s like to be part of the combat medical squad is fascinating to her; not to mention the comedy within the show.

When asked what her favorite food was Sedona responded, "I love fruit to the max. I also enjoy cotton candy. I actually have a major sweet tooth so I love all bakery sweets." Her color of choice is a deep red. She is attracted to the color red and gravitates towards it.

Her favorite class in high school was Math because she believes it is easy. You’re either right or wrong, there’s no in between. One of her most memorable moments in high school was during her Junior year. Mrs. McMurdie was her teacher and she had her favorite people in that class. Her best friend, Kira, and her were always giggling and doing something weird. Even when they would try to be serious, something would happen. The second semester was even better because that's when her other best friend, Adrian transferred into her class. After that, Sedona, Kira, and Adrian had a blast every class and she will forever remember it.

Sedona's future plans include traveling to see the world and experience new things. She would also like to attend college someday. Her work plans are to work at the Utah State Hospital. She hopes to help those with a mental disorder and to make their stay a little more pleasing.   

Sedona, congratulations on your upcoming graduation from high school! Sedona is such an amazing young lady with a bright future ahead of her. She has excelled academically during her high school career and has so much to be proud of. The Nebo Title VI Program is so proud of you! We are wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


Camp Eagle Summer School
(more pictures available)

You and your child are invited to attend Camp Eagle during the month of June. Each summer, the Nebo Title VI Program holds a summer school which is geared to encourage students to keep reading during the summer and learn more about their American Indian Culture. We offer classes such as literature, math, reading, and art. Certified teachers teach these various subjects. Classes will be held Monday-Thursday from 8 am to noon each day.

On June 27th, we will end summer school with our annual pow-wow for all to see the amazing regalia, and pow-wow dances the children have to learned during Camp Eagle. Parents are encouraged to stay during summer school and work with the parent committee to complete regalia. If you are interested or want more information please contact, Eileen Quintana.

Please bring your registration form to the first day of Summer School, and we hope to see you there!

Registration form can be downloaded here


Kelina is a graduating Senior from Spanish Fork High School. She is an remarkable student who values her education. During her high school career, she has pushed herself academically by taking many college-level courses and she has done a fabulous job of completing her school load. Kelina belongs to the Squamish Tribe.

Anyone who knows Kelina would describe her as creative! She loves Art, specifically performing and visual art. They would also describe her as hardworking and determined. She set high expectations for herself and has a lot of goals on her bucket list. In her free time, Kelina enjoys painting, dancing, performing, Zumba, and watching Netflix.

Some of Kelina's memorable moments from high school include performing as, Anne Sullivan in Miracle Worker, winning state in drama, Shakespeare and state competitions, musicals, dramas, and all the rehearsals.

In the future, Kelina would like to work closely with museums traveling through the world to put on events of cultural art exhibits where artists can display and sell their pieces. I want cultural dances to be performed and celebrated at these events. In the fall, she is planning on attending Brigham Young University. She wants to study Art History with an emphasis on Culture Arts. She would like to minor in business and event planning.

Kelina, congratulations on your upcoming graduation. You are a bright and dedicated young lady. We are so excited for you to start the next chapter of your life. You are definitely a role model among your peers. Keep up the great work! Good luck in your future endeavors.

A huge congratulations to Daisha Beck (Spanish Fork High), Rio Cruz (Maple Mountain High) , and Andrew Yazzie (Springville High) for being the Nebo Title VI 2019 Scholarship Recipients. Good luck in all your future endeavors!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
Benjamin Franklin
A. Nicole Millet

A. Nicole Millet is a graduating Senior from Spanish Fork High School. She is from the Cherokee Nation. Anyone who knows her would describe her as a computer genius, super shy, talented at art, and a great example to others.  

Something that makes her accomplishments remarkable is that she lives with High-Functioning Autism. Nicole’s team of teachers, administrative staff, and administrators have been critical to her success and she would like to thank them. She is dedicating her graduation to her family and her team through her years in Nebo Public Schools:

Brockbank Elementary - Kristel Peterson, Allison Hanson, and (posthumously) Karen Swenson

Diamond Fork Jr. High School - Coy Nedesky, Trudy Ballow, Melanie Wilde, Mindy Young, Katie Reese  (Now at Springville Jr. High)

Spanish Fork High School - Deon Youd, Heidi Prees, Christina Shakespear, Heather Love, Heidi Whittaker (Utah Parent Center), Kippy Bishop, Jo Lynn Ford, and Brandi Fausett

Advanced Learning Center - Ben Ford, Preston Powell, Rob Eastmond, and Miranda Hjorth

In her free time, Nicole can be found on her computer. She has taken several college-level computer courses, her favorites being 3D Graphics and Animation and Game Development. She graduated from Code to Success last summer. She has earned two CTE Career Pathways - Graphic Design & Communication: Digital Media and Computer Programming and Software Development.

Nicole will attend Utah Valley University, and hopes to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Her travel dreams include going to Alaska to see the Aurora Borealis and Southern California to go to Disneyland and Legoland.  

Nicole, you are such a bright young lady and you have accomplished so much! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! You are a great example to others, and you have the qualities necessary to be a successful leader in the future. Good luck in college and your future endeavors. The Nebo Title VI program is very proud of you!



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