Nizhónígo Nee Ado’ááł (Have a beautiful day)

Congratulations to the following students for achieving High Honor Roll and Honor Roll for Term 2! We are so proud of you. This is such a great accomplishment to be celebrated and acknowledged. Keep up the excellent work. You are all wonderful students who are accomplishing incredible things at your school."

High Honor Roll

High School:
Kacey Melton
Mitchell Begay
Taylon Morris
Ciera Alldredge
Micah Button
Kelina Anderson
Ruby Campbell
Seka Groves
Kalob Eddie
Calvin Walker
Emily Wilson
Enrique Williams
Daisha Beck
Danica Butler 
Brooke Carter 
Jackson Adams 
Carlitta Devenport
Nicole Powell
Junior High:
Maisy Melton
Isabel Fuentes
Spencer Jackson
Miguel Delgadillo
Camryn Mehl
Ammon Anderson
Lucy Sloan
Ammon Beck
Karley Carron-Campbell 
Kadren Devenish
Kayden Cruz
Julia Hernandez
Jared Letzerich
Benyse Millet
Kawaimalie Fuentes
Miles Graymountain
Ellie Sloan
Clifton Carron-Campbell Jr
Dante Ketchum
Krista Larsen
Eric Zavala
Honor Roll
High School:
Katanna Bitsoi 
Rio Cruz 
Matthew Thompson 
Sedona Belone 
Emilio Woody 
Joshua Mckee 
Macy Redhouse 
Breanne Burby 
Cerina Camacho-Jimenez 
Malena McKee 
Austin Butler 
Jaxon Billy 
Ella Boren 
Kaitlyn Chavis-Lewis 
Kylan Poyer 
Andrew Yazzie 
Junior High:
Victorya Alley
Brock Burby
Brigum Eddie
Coral McKell
Hillary Tsosie
Randin Rhatigan 
KaciRay Cook 
Kylee Simmons 
Koda Trujillo 
Becca Cook 
Joseph Clark 
Taylan Haveron 
Andrew Henderson 
Emmalee Davidson 
Kaysen Smith 
Koda Begay 
Josiah Eaglefeather
Landon Goodman 
Eliska Simonu 
Samuel Hatridge

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Our after-school lab at Larsen Elementary is in full swing. We have had such a great turn out this year with eager to learn students, and very supportive parents. Our Larsen lab is offered on Mondays from 2-5 pm and Wednesdays 3-5 pm. We offer homework help, cultural enrichment, and our performing arts groups have their practice during lab.

Students ranging from 3-18 years old have joined us at the Larsen lab this year. All of the students are extremely talented in different areas such as reading, writing, math, drawing, dancing, singing, etc. That is just to name a few talents we have come across. Many have joined our performing arts group as well, and have their own first performances already. This year our youngest performer being just 3 years old.

Many of our parents have been creating some beautiful regalia for our performing arts group. Our parent committee even meets weekly to work on regalia together. If you are parent interested in working on regalia with us or even a parent wanting to learn how to make regalia please contact Julie Cruz for more information. 


Nebo School District is holding a Mental Health Awareness Night. We encourage all parents and students in the Title VI program to attend one night if at all possible. This is such a great opporuinity to learn more about Mental Health topics, discuss prevention tips, and examine different ways to improve our own mental health. To find a time, date, and location that best suits you and your family please click here.


In Nebo School District, we have seven Junior Highs and eight High Schools. Each one of these schools has a Native Club that meets monthly with one of our Title VI Representatives. At Native Club Meetings, American Indian students come together to explore American Indian History, discuss recent American Indian issues happening in our community, students help each other with homework/assignments, and create arts & crafts.

This year, I am the Title VI Representative at Springville Junior High School. We only have a handful of American Indian students, however, their attendance and participation is consistent. This group of American Indian Students has been a joy to work with. Some have grown up outside of Nebo School District, and their perspective adds so much insight into the conversations and discussions we have.

During the month of December, SJHS Native Club has been working diligently on making earrings to give as Christmas gifts to their loved ones. Each student designed their own pair of earrings. As I was looking at the earrings that were created I noticed that use of color and symmetry flowed beautifully. We have such talented and creative students, and I was very proud of their finished earrings. 

(more pictures available)

Our Title VI Christmas was a success! Our Title VI Staff was delighted to catch up and visit with our Title VI students and their wonderful families. It was a cold night, 22 degrees if memory serves me right, but our Title VI staff was truly grateful for supportive parents and guardians who braved the winter elements to join us for a fun night.

The night was filled with yummy food, wholesome games, singing of classic Christmas songs, lots of laughs, and of course a very special visit from Santa Clause who came bearing gifts in a stocking for each student who attended.

It was such a beautiful sight to see our wonderful Title VI families coming together to celebrate Christmas. It is such a joy for us to watch your children grow, see all of their personal and academic achievements. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Title VI Staff

"Nebo Title VI Indian Education staff have enjoyed visiting the schools teaching 4th graders about American Indians and their vast contributions to society, we were delighted to meet so many attentive
students along with fellow Nebo team members. We want to thank our schools for sharing this important information about the monumental contributions in food, medicine, technology, language, government,
environmental resources, philosophy and overall discoveries by Native Americans and indigenous peoples. This is not even the tip of the iceberg in the vast amount of information about this subject.
Inclusion of this information in lesson plans and curriculum is one of our leading goals in Nebo School District Indian Education Program. Please feel free to use the links we have provided and contact our office if you have further questions!"

Eileen Quintana, Nebo Title VI Director

Native links:

Native foods:

Native american contributions to science, engineering, and medicine:

Famous Indians:

Teacher resource:


Please join us for our Annual Christmas Party on December 13, 2017 at Larsen Elementary at 6 - 8 pm. We will even have a speaical guest joining us from the North Pole. To view your area's food assignment please look here