Nizhónígo Nee Ado’ááł (Have a beautiful day)

Kelina is a graduating Senior from Spanish Fork High School. She is an remarkable student who values her education. During her high school career, she has pushed herself academically by taking many college-level courses and she has done a fabulous job of completing her school load. Kelina belongs to the Squamish Tribe.

Anyone who knows Kelina would describe her as creative! She loves Art, specifically performing and visual art. They would also describe her as hardworking and determined. She set high expectations for herself and has a lot of goals on her bucket list. In her free time, Kelina enjoys painting, dancing, performing, Zumba, and watching Netflix.

Some of Kelina's memorable moments from high school include performing as, Anne Sullivan in Miracle Worker, winning state in drama, Shakespeare and state competitions, musicals, dramas, and all the rehearsals.

In the future, Kelina would like to work closely with museums traveling through the world to put on events of cultural art exhibits where artists can display and sell their pieces. I want cultural dances to be performed and celebrated at these events. In the fall, she is planning on attending Brigham Young University. She wants to study Art History with an emphasis on Culture Arts. She would like to minor in business and event planning.

Kelina, congratulations on your upcoming graduation. You are a bright and dedicated young lady. We are so excited for you to start the next chapter of your life. You are definitely a role model among your peers. Keep up the great work! Good luck in your future endeavors.

A huge congratulations to Daisha Beck (Spanish Fork High), Rio Cruz (Maple Mountain High) , and Andrew Yazzie (Springville High) for being the Nebo Title VI 2019 Scholarship Recipients. Good luck in all your future endeavors!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
Benjamin Franklin
A. Nicole Millet

A. Nicole Millet is a graduating Senior from Spanish Fork High School. She is from the Cherokee Nation. Anyone who knows her would describe her as a computer genius, super shy, talented at art, and a great example to others.  

Something that makes her accomplishments remarkable is that she lives with High-Functioning Autism. Nicole’s team of teachers, administrative staff, and administrators have been critical to her success and she would like to thank them. She is dedicating her graduation to her family and her team through her years in Nebo Public Schools:

Brockbank Elementary - Kristel Peterson, Allison Hanson, and (posthumously) Karen Swenson

Diamond Fork Jr. High School - Coy Nedesky, Trudy Ballow, Melanie Wilde, Mindy Young, Katie Reese  (Now at Springville Jr. High)

Spanish Fork High School - Deon Youd, Heidi Prees, Christina Shakespear, Heather Love, Heidi Whittaker (Utah Parent Center), Kippy Bishop, Jo Lynn Ford, and Brandi Fausett

Advanced Learning Center - Ben Ford, Preston Powell, Rob Eastmond, and Miranda Hjorth

In her free time, Nicole can be found on her computer. She has taken several college-level computer courses, her favorites being 3D Graphics and Animation and Game Development. She graduated from Code to Success last summer. She has earned two CTE Career Pathways - Graphic Design & Communication: Digital Media and Computer Programming and Software Development.

Nicole will attend Utah Valley University, and hopes to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Her travel dreams include going to Alaska to see the Aurora Borealis and Southern California to go to Disneyland and Legoland.  

Nicole, you are such a bright young lady and you have accomplished so much! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! You are a great example to others, and you have the qualities necessary to be a successful leader in the future. Good luck in college and your future endeavors. The Nebo Title VI program is very proud of you!


Nicole Powell
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Nicole Powell is a graduating Seniors from Springville High School. Nicole is a bright student who excels in her academics. She has received excellent grades during her high school career. Nicole comes from a large family and her family members would all say she is understanding and a great friend to all.

Her favorite movie is Mamma Mia. Her favorite foods include food that makes her feel warm such as Navajo Tacos and Chili. Soccer is her favorite sport. Her most memorable moment from high school was being a part of the plays. She was involved with the following plays: Cinderella, Go Back for Murder, Into the Woods, and Women of Lockerbie. She also really enjoyed working on the school newspaper.

Congratulation to Nicole! She is such a wonderful person to be around, and she has accomplished so much already. Good luck in all your future endeavors, and keep up the great work! The Nebo Title VI Program is so proud of you.

Andrew Yazzie
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Andrew is a graduating Senior from Springville High School. He is half Navajo and half Mexican. He is the youngest of five children. His friends and family would describe him as easy going, persistent, and patient. They would also say he "gets things done".

He is a very active young man who loves to play soccer and volleyball. He has played for the Red Devils his entire high school career. He also played for the Utah Storm Club team for several years.

Andrew's favorite class is ceramics. His most memorable moment from high school was making the varsity soccer team. His future plans include serving a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, then attend Utah Valley Univesity.

Congratulations, Andrew! You are a shining star in the Nebo Title VI Program. We are so proud of all your accomplishment so far, and we can't wait to see all the wonderful things you will continue to do with your life.

Ethan Gunn

Ethan is a graduating Senior from Spanish Fork High School. He is from the Ojibwe Chippewa Tribe. His friends and family would describe him as hardworking, outgoing, and trustworthy. Ethan's favorite band is Imagine Dragons. His favorite quote is,"You only live once, make every shot count."

During his high school career, Ethan has had many accomplishments. He was a Sterling Scholar for Computer Technology. He has taken many college-level courses. He has been on the high honor roll every year of his high school career. He takes his academics seriously, and it has paid off. He received an academic scholarship to attend Brigham Young University.

His plan for the future including going on a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Japan, attending Brigham Young University, and playing MCLA Div 1 Lacrosse.

Ethan, the Nebo Title VI Program is extremely proud of you. Congratulations on all your accomplishments so far and for your upcoming graduation from Spanish Fork High School. All your hard work and persistence has paid off. Your future is bright, and we cannot wait to see all the wonderful things you continue to do! Keep up the great work!

Ruby Campbell

Ruby is a graduating Senior from Spanish Fork High School. Ruby's friends and family would describe her as kind, smart, and hardworking. She is from the Cherokee Tribe.

Some activities Ruby likes to do in her free time is to draw, watch movies, and play sports. Ruby is a very talented individual and she played softball for the Spanish Fork Dons. She has spent a lot of time and dedication practicing the sport she loves. Her favorite foods are pomegranates & chicken fingers. Blue is her favorite color. Her favorite quote is by Dr. Suess, "Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

Ruby is a strong and motivated young lady who makes her education a priority in her life. During her high school career, she has received exceptional grades and has been on the high honor roll many times. In high school, her favorite class was Art. She was able to create wonderful artwork, and the class ended up being a way for her to de-stress.

Ruby has plans of serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints immediately following graduation. She would also like to go to Europe and travel.

Congratulations, Ruby! The Nebo Title VI Program is extremely proud of you. You have accomplished so much already, and we know that you will accomplish wonderful things in the future.

Nebo Title VI Public Meeting

Nebo Title VI Public Meeting

May 6, 2019

5:30-6:30 pm

Larsen Elementary Title VI Classroom

This meeting will provide an opportunity for Nebo Title VI American Indian parents and community to understand and make recommendations on proposed Formula Grant project. We will discuss project objectives, activities and financial obligations in Nebo Title VI Indian Education Formula grant.

Please come and participate in your child's education

2018-2019 budget and program services.


Children working at school desk 
Summer School will be held June 3-27, 2019

Summer School is intended for students ages PK-12th grade. We will have classes separated by age groups where we will incorporate rotations of math, reading, circle time, artist in residence, pow wow dancing, and regalia making workshop for parents. A preschool is provided for ages 3-5 (must be potty trained). Space is limited so please contact Eileen Quintana to register. 

Pow-Wow will be held on Saturday, June 29th at the North Park behind Costco in Spanish Fork.



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