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Taylor Eddie- Dream Starter Recipient 2019

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Running Strong

Taylor Eddie, Running Strong Dream Starter 2019

Taylor Eddie is in her senior year at Maple Mountain High School. Since early Spring, she has been diligently taking care of a garden and livestock. Taylor Eddie and other Title VI students have made soap and caramel to sell to the public. These students have been selling their produce from their gardens (tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon) at local farmer's markets as well. Taylor is doing a wonderful job balancing her school workload and caring for her livestock and garden. We are truly proud of Taylor. Keep up the fabulous work. 


Nebo’s Native American Indian Naat’áánii Day

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Lana Hiskey

The Nebo Title VI Native American Indian program held their 5th Annual Leadership Day for their junior high and high school students and administration. Naat’áánii in the Navajo language means “leader.” The root of this word means to plan, so Naat’áánii Day teaches those to use their thinking and planning for leadership. 

Attendees at Naat’áánii Day were able to hear from Sahar Khadejenoury. Sahar is a TV/Film producer, a digital storyteller, a former educator, as well as an advocate for Native American rights within the entertainment industry.

“We are building leaders here in Nebo School District's Indian Education program!” exclaimed the program director, Eileen Quintana. “I am very grateful, happy and excited to work with such a great supportive team. Today, I had within our audience the students, administrators, and counselors from Nebo School District who have supported our program. Not only did we have attendees within the district, but we had important guests--the Director for Utah Division of Indian Affairs, Shirlee Silversmith, and the Utah Indian Education Specialist, Dr. Harold Foster, from Utah State Board of Education.”

The Nebo Title VI is a program helping youth within Nebo school district connect with one another, while strengthening and empowering them for the future. 

The Special Education/Federal Programs director, Mike Larsen, said, “Nebo School District’s Title VI team works continuously for the academic, social, emotional, and cultural success of all Native American students. This team coordinates with and serves alongside parents and families in providing support and opportunities for students to participate in and learn from such as the annual Naat’áánii Leadership Day that took place this past week on October 4, 2019. Eileen Quintana, the program director, and her team are much appreciated for their dedicated service given to the students and families of Nebo School District.”
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Naat’áánii Day 2019

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Your secondary student should have received an invitation at school. This event is intended for 7th-12th grade multicultural students. This is a day to celebrate our differences, and learn more about the qualities of good leaders. If your student is interested, please have your student contact their school counselor by Oct. 1st. Secondary schools are responsible for transporting students to and from the event. For more information, please contact for more details.

Thank you,
Analysa Allison 

Nebo Title VI Royalty 2019

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Photo Credit: Brandy Dial (Dollface Photo)
Liv Dial-Title VI Princess
Shaela Boyer-Title VI Jr. Princess

Each year, the Nebo Title VI Program holds a pageant during June. Several girls within the program compete for the title of Princess and Jr. Princess. Some of the requirements include: introducing themselves in their native language, sharing a talent, and be interviewed by the judges.

This year, Olivia Dial of Springville was named Nebo Title VI Princess. Liv is such a sweet girl who is kind and respectful to all. Liv spends her free time volunteering in her community and church organization.

Shaela Boyer of Springville was named Nebo Title VI Jr. Princess. Shaela is a fun-loving girl whose family adores her. Shaela has spent many hours volunteering in this program. She is a fantastic dancer and quite the runner.

Both girls will spend the next year helping out the Nebo Title VI program and representing the program at pow-wows and community events.  

Photo Credit: Brandy Dial

River of Words 2018-19 Poetry Finalist

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River of Words

To read Alfredo Quintana's spotlight and poem please visit this website

If you are interested in participating in this poetry/art contest you can find more information here

Navajo Language Class Offered in Nebo School District

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Attention 9th-12th grade students!

Are you interested in learning the Navajo Langauge? The class will be held on Tuesdays from 4-6 pm at Larsen Elementary, starting in September until February. This course will give you 1.0 high school credit. If you like to take this class, please fill out an application here.

Potential Chief Manuelito Applicants (Navajo students): this course will fulfill the requirement of taking Navajo Language in high school. For more information about this scholarship program visit ONNSFA's website


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Adopt A Native Elder

The Nebo Title VI Program invites you to attend The Weaver's Stories. This event will be held Tuesday, September 10th at Red Butte Garden. Please visit this website for more information. 

Application for Dream Starter Grant 2020

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If you are interested in applying to become a Dream Starter please visit this website

Application are due: 11. 14. 19

"5 years ago, Running Strong launched the Dreamstarter® Program to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Billy Mills’ Olympic victory. Since its inception, the program has been more successful than we could have ever imagined. Running Strong has given away over $500,000 in grants to fifty amazing Native youth from 37 tribal nations and 24 states.

What was originally designed to be a five-year pilot program has become an essential part of Running Strong. We are SO excited to see it continue year after year, and today is the day we launch the next year of the Dreamstarter® Program: Dreamstarter® 2020!

Dreamstarter® 2020 will focus on dreams revolving around the theme Health & Wellness. To apply, visit:"


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