Anthonie Hopkins-Springville High

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Anthonie Hopkins is a graduating Senior at Springville High. He is from the Navajo Tribe. His friends and his family describe him as intelligent, creative, kind, and hard working.

In his free time, Anthonie likes to draw, play, create animations, and write stories. Anthonie is truly an artist. He can draw free hand, and draws a very accurate deception of things he has only seen once or twice.

He enjoys listening to country, rock, and fan-made. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is Lasagna. He loves to watch baseball.

Anthonie's favorite class from high school is Math. His most memorable moment from high school is remodeling Springville High's environment quad. Anthonie plans on attending college in the Fall. Anthonie lives by his own motto which is, "Dreams contain happiness and sorrow, but we must think peacefully in order to dream blissfully.”

Congratulations, Anthonie! All your hard work and persistence has paid off. The Nebo Title VI program is so proud of you, we recognize how hard you have worked this school year, and we applaud you. We are confident that you will do wonderful things. Your future is bright!


Photo by: Brenda Beyal