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Courtany Durrant is a fun senior who splits her time between Payson High School and the ALC in Springville. She thoroughly enjoys her digital media classes at the ALC. And, her favorite class at Payson High is English. Courtany’s friends and family describe her as being artistic, a good listener, a willing helper and a true animal lover.  She has three dogs, two dachshunds and one Yorkie. Don’t tell Rosy or Daisy, but Slinky one of her dachshunds is her favorite.

In her free time Courtany likes to draw and dye her hair all different colors. Her favorite movie or should we say movies are the Fast and Furious series.  She has seen #8 six times thus far! Here’s the Native American reference in that movie, “I will beat you like a Cherokee drum!” - The Rock.

While watching the Fast and Furious movies for the umpteenth time, she might be found eating her favorite food, Macaroni and Cheese. When asked about her favorite colors she said blue because she can’t see light colors. Even though the Steelers don’t wear blue, they are favorite Football team to watch.  She also loves watching hockey, preferably the Penguins.

Courtany has loved her 3-d animation and English classes during high school.  They have challenged her and given her so much satisfaction. High School is full of memories, some quite random. She remembers in her sophomore year a student kicking and kicking the vending machine because he didn’t get what he paid for. She said it's just a crazy thing that comes to her mind sometimes. Which leads to one of her favorite quotes, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” That quote will sometimes come to her mind when people are doing crazy things.

After graduation she plans on working, and taking a year off. However, she does want to go to Disneyland. After the year's end, she plans on going to MATC for digital media. We end with a final quote from the Fast and Furious just for Courtany, “I live my life a quarter mile at a time. “ -Dom Toretto

Courtany has talent, smarts and savvy.  She will definitely have a great life!  Go Courtany!

Brenda Beyal