Fourth Grade American Indian Presentations

Submitted by analysa.allison on Mon, 11/06/2017 - 12:38

Every year, during October and November, Eileen Quintana and Brenda Beyal present at elementary schools in Nebo School District about American Indian Culture. Typically, Eileen and Brenda will present to 4th graders. The purpose of these presentations to educate students on American Indian history, their contributions to the United States before and after settlers, and share traditions.

Eileen and Brenda each bring in American Indian cultural items from their homes. Such as cradleboards, beautiful hand woven rugs, pottery, Navajo wedding baskets, etc. Each of these cultural items serves an important purpose for American Indian families. During the presentation, Eileen and Brenda will explain how each artifact is used by American Indians. Usually, our curious students will have insightful questions at this point, and Eileen and Brenda will answer any questions a student may have.

This year, the Title VI team started presenting at Park View Elementary with Mrs. Allred’s fourth-grade class, and we will end our presentations at Hobble Creek Elementary with Mrs. Condie’s fourth-grade class. It has been such a wonderful experience traveling around to each of the fourth-grade classes in Nebo School District. All of these fourth-grade classes were able to quickly identify the five major tribes indigenous to Utah. Our fourth-grade teachers are doing a wonderful job educating our youth about Utah history, and American Indian culture. A big thank you to all the fourth-grade teachers who have invited us into their classrooms to present. We have enjoyed, and appreciated it!

Photos By: Natalie Billie. Article By: Analysa Allison