Inspiring Bailey Johnson!

Submitted by brenda.beyal on Wed, 05/10/2017 - 21:34

“I wanted to prove people wrong,” said Bailey when she was asked about how she was able to finish more than 10 units of classes during her fourth term. The counselors and teachers at Landmark said she was remarkable, determined and just kept working. Bailey who is Navajo/Caucasian moved to our school district deficient enough classes that graduation by the end of July was a maybe, but finishing three weeks before end of school seemed an impossibility.  But Bailey said, “Moving to this school was different, This school inspired me. They knew my name and they cared about me and they had confidence in me. I’ve had so many people before tell me that I couldn’t do it or that I didn’t have what it takes. I wanted to prove people wrong.  I worked until 8:00 at night after I would come home from school. I worked weekends. All I did was school. I cried when I finished the last class.”  Bailey did the extraordinary. She finished her deficient classes last week, three weeks before the end of school.  She proved that we can do the impossible. One of Bailey’s favorite quotes is “Stay Strong,”

Bailey’s family and friends say she is pretty shy, and she needs to get to know you before she will open up and start being herself. She usually keeps to herself most of the time. She loves to dance, she used to take up to three dance classes at a time. She says her Dad’s side of the family is pretty artistic.  Bailey doesn’t watch T.V. but loves to eat Chinese and Mexican food.  Her favorite is homemade tamales. Her color of choice is black.  When she was younger she loved to play football and basketball. Bailey’s favorite class is English, it has always been her favorite. The most memorable moment in high school was when she finished her last packet.

She hasn’t thought about the future, she has been concentrating on the here and now, determined to finish her classes. However, she would like to go skydiving sometime in her life. Another one of her favorite quotes is, " I want to wake up every morning and inspire myself to do better." Bailey is an inspiration to us all. She has what it takes to finish what she starts, a tremendous skill that will forever come in handy. Yay Bailey.

Brenda Beyal