Magnificent Maddy Johnson!

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“It is not the strength of the body, but the strength of the spirit.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

It is no wonder that Maddy Johnson’s favorite movies are The Lord of the Rings Triology. The characters in the trilogy exhibit great hope and courage in the midst of considerable burdens and strife. And so it is with Maddy and the path she had to take to receive her high school diploma. It has been a year where strength of spirit had to prevail. And she did it! Maddy is an outgoing, fun person to be around. She is Navajo/Caucasian.  In her free time, she loves to play with her six-month old daughter. They love to cuddle and laugh together. When her daughter is napping, Maddy likes to write and draw and listen to music.  She likes all music except classical and the main stream pop music played on the radio.  She also likes to watch and play basketball.

Maddy loves seafood and Italian dishes. She loves the color red.  Science and English were her favorite classes in high school. Two memorable moments this past year have been when she finished her last course, and, when her daughter was born.  She heaved a sigh of relief both times and experienced great joy. Right now, she is just enjoying, “finishing.” But someday she thinks she would like to go to cosmetology school or become a therapist or maybe a counselor. She does know that she definitely would like to take a trip to Ireland and check off one more thing off her bucket list. Maddy, you have accomplished much this year and deserve a holiday! There will be time for all you are capable of doing. We end with Maddy’s favorite quote, “What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.” – Anne Frank.

Brenda Beyal