Malena McKee-Salem Hills High

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Malena McKee is a graduating Senior from Salem Hills High. Her friends and family would describe her as enthusiastic, funny, creative, sassy, intelligent, fun, happy most of the time, and unpredictable. She is from the Luiseno band of Pechanga Indians.

In her free time, Malena likes to read, play card games with my family, watch the office, hang out with my friends and play guitar. She loves all different kinds of music such as folk rock, alternative, country and some rap songs. Her favorite sport is swimming, and her favorite color is Blue.

Malena has always made her education a priority in her life. She has really excelled in school. Her favorite class in high school is Math. She thinks it is fun. Her most memorable moment from high school was her Senior prom with all her best friends. They had so much fun getting all dressed up and danced for hours!

After graduating high school, Malena is going up to Utah State University to get a degree in Elementary Education. She also wants to do a study abroad in Europe and go on more Humanitarian trips. When asked what are two things on her bucket list, Malena replied, "I want to swim with whales, because I love whales and I think they are super cool. I also want to go to Europe and travel on a study abroad. I want to go to Holland to see the Tulip Festival."

Congratulations, Malena! The Nebo Title VI Program is so proud of all the accomplishments you have already achieved. You are truly a wonderful example to others. We wish you the best in your schooling and all the adventures that await you. Your future looks bright!