Mike Fuentes-American Leadership Academy

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Mike is graduating from American Leadership Academy. He is the firstborn in his family and a good big brother. He is smart & loves a good joke. He loves all of his family, theater tech, building theater sets, camping, and fishing. He’s exceptionally good at quoting lines from movies. Mike belongs to the Lumbee Tribe.

Mike loves to read! He loves video games too. He also likes to work with wood. He doesn't listen to much music, but he does enjoy a good parody, like Bad Lip Reading songs on YouTube. (One favorite of his is Seaguls, Stop It Now.) Some of his favorite foods include fish, lentils, street tacos, lemon pie & BACON.

In high school, Mike's favorite class was Theatre Tech. He loves being the guy behind the scenes making the magic happen on stage with sets, lighting and especially sound. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Loraine Hanson, his math teacher. She is amazing and always super supportive and helpful. Mike's most memorable moment from high school was working backstage during a show is super cool and I will always remember helping build the catwalk for the Merry Poppins show.

His future plans include a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints & and a degree in Theater Tech from UVU. His family is so excited to see great things from their young man!

Mike, congratulations on your graduation! You are such a talented and kind young man. Your future looks bright! Good luck with your future endeavors. Our program is very proud of you and excited to see what wonderful opportunities are in store for you. 


Nicole Fuentes