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Megan Ta’chi’I’nii Begay, Dine/Caucasian, is a senior at Springville High school. When she was asked about how people would describe her, she said, “It’s never been a bother to me, if you like me, cool, if you don’t cool. At the end of the day, why should it bother me?” Megan is comfortable with herself.  Megan likes to learn and make music in her free time. In fact, she will be headed to Snow College on a music scholarship. There will be plenty of time there to explore music in the music department in Ephraim. She likes movies that has a great sound track. The music speaks to her more than the actual movie.

“Anything free,” is her response when asked what foods she likes to eat. College will reinforce that response. She likes the color purple. Her favorite sport is Drum Corps International (DCI).  Megan says it’s like a marching band times 10.  It can get pretty intense. Megan plays the trumpet in this drum and bugle corps.

Her favorite memories of attending Springville High all surround participating in the marching band.  One of the biggest moments was when they placed 1st in her rookie season in Lodi, California. Her favorite classes were Band, Ceramics, and Debate. Future plans include going to Snow College and majoring in music. And planning a future in music. She would like to explore where her talents take her. Megan’s favorite quote is, “Success is falling 9 times and getting up 10.” –Jon Bon Jovi.

We send Megan good thoughts and confidence as she embarks on her exciting musical journey.  

brenda beyal