Nebo's American Indian Awards Night 2021

Submitted by analysa.allison on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 09:36

Each year, our program holds an Awards Night to celebrate the accomplishments and successes of American Indian students in our school district. This program is intended to highlight students in 6th-11th grade and honor graduating seniors. Administrators, Counselors, Teachers, Parents, and students are invited to be in attendance. This year, we had a wonderful turnout and we are truly grateful for all who took time out of their busy schedules to join us. 

This year, we had the opportunity to hear from three speakers, two of which were Seniors in our school district, and a counselor. Kayden Cruz, a Senior of Maple Mountain gave a wonderful talk about finding balance and positivity amid a global pandemic. Olivia Dial, a Senior at Springville High then gave her talk about she successfully completed high school despite a learning disability. Concluding the program was Antonieta Yazzie, an Intern Counselor at Springville Jr. High, she shared her experience with covid this past year, and how she has found time to slow down and enjoy her family along with having a grateful heart that her father is a covid-survivor. 

Congratulations to all our students for working so hard this year, and being so resilient despite a global pandemic. We are proud of each of you! We are so grateful for the support of our school Administrators, Counselors, Teachers, and Parents. It was a truly inspiring night! We are so grateful for all that came to support these Nebo American Indian students!

Photo Credit: Derek Begay