Seth Sandoval- Maple Mountain High School

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Seth is a senior at Maple Mountain High School. He is Ute/Navajo.  People describe Seth as nice, loyal artistic and a hard worker.  If you know Seth, you are probably nodding your head right now in agreement.  He enjoys reading and drawing. His artwork has been featured in the literary magazine at MMHS and all of his art teachers consider him “gifted.”  We do too.  His favorite show is Gotham and he can pretty much quote the movie.  

Seth enjoys Sushi and Italian but not together. His favorite color is red and he loves playing and watching basketball. Seth enjoys theatre and being a back stage tech, mainly with the back drops. This past year he helped with several productions at Maple Mountain.

He enjoys the time he spends with friends.  He likes to hang out and try new things.  He wants to go into animation when he graduates. He also would like to travel the world before he dies and most likely will if he continues with his art endeavors.  Seth has so many opportunities awaiting him.  His future looks bright. Good Luck Seth Sandoval.