Utah Navajo Trust Fund Scholarship

Submitted by analysa.allison on Tue, 09/08/2020 - 09:30
Applies to All Students -- Before applying for UNTF:
A. Applicants must be a lifetime resident, having permanent homestead in San Juan County, Utah to be eligible.
B. Have been accepted by and officially registered with your college or university.
C. Have applied for Federal Student Aid (Pell Grant) and turned Student Aid Report (SAR) to financial aid office.
D. Applied for the Navajo Tribal scholarship (NTS). If denied, submit denial letter. Call 1-800-243-2956 for NTS information.
The Utah  Navajo Trust Fund (UNTF) assists eligible Utah Navajo students with post -secondary financial assistance/scholarships. UNTF has two types of  College Scholarship/Financial Assistance: one is the UNTF Endowment Fund  and the other is the regular UNTF higher education program.

Eligibility: Meet the Residency definition of a Utah Navajo and  enrollment with the Navajo Nation as a tribal member. Students can  attend a university of their choice but their parents have to be a full  time resident living in San Juan County, Utah. Older students with a  family, must have lived in San Juan County, Utah for the past five years  or have left San Juan County not more than one year ago.

Students  can attend any university, college, or technical/trade school of their  choosing, including on-line courses. Most of the Utah Navajo students  attend universities in the states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada,  and Ft Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, mostly because Utah Navajo  students are eligible for in-state tuition because the Navajo Nation is  in these states. UNTF can also fund high school students under the  concurrent enrollment program, where they can continue to attend high  school and some college classes at the same time.

For information: UNTF Higher Education Office; 151 East 500 North; Blanding, Utah 84511.  Phone: (800) 378-2050 or (435) 678-1460 (front desk); (435) 678-1462  (Education Specialist); (435) 678-1469 (Education Administrative  Assistant)
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