Program Services

Nebo Title VI offers many opportunities and services for students and their families.  Families are encouraged to participate in services that will be helpful, satisfying, and validating. Please feel free to contact Eileen Quintana with questions. 

Some Services Title VI offers:
-After School Homework Labs in Spanish Fork (Larsen) and Springville (Cherry Creek)
-Tutoring in Elementary schools in Nebo School District (Partnership with UVU-SCUP)
-Scholarship nights for Juniors and Seniors
-Native Clubs in each Junior High and High School
-Various Field Trips 
-Holiday events (Halloween and Christmas parties)
-Camp Eagle Summer School during the month of June 
-Navajo Language classes 
-Help for Seniors completing college and scholarships appilcations
-Credit Recovery 
-Artist in residence activities and workshop
-Performing Arts Group that helps to share Native culture with the community
-School presentations to help give accurate information about Native culture and people
-Advocacy help for students and parents