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Taylor Eddie- Dream Starter Recipient

Submitted by analysa.allison on Tue, 03/05/2019 - 12:33

A big congratulations to Taylor Eddie, who is an 11th grader in Nebo School District. She is a recipient of the 2019 Dream Starter Grant for the Running Strong Organization.

Each year Billy Mills, an American Indian Olympic Gold Medalist awards $10,000 to American Indian organizations and/or communities. Many American Indian apply for this grant with the hopes they will be able to incorporate their vision or dream into a specific American Indian organization or community. This year, Taylor Eddie's dream was selected by the Running Strong Organization.

Taylor's Dream for incorporating entrepreneurship into the Title VI Program:
"Taylor’s dream is to introduce students to agriculture as a business. She plans to expand her farm with gardens and animals, & teach youth in her community about animal husbandry, the basics of business management, and the importance of agriculture to Native communities."-Direct quote from the Running Strong Organization website.

Eileen Quintana, the Program Director for the Nebo Title VI Program said, "I am so proud of Taylor Eddie! She came up with an incredible dream of introducing students to raising livestock and starting a business in agriculture. This is the second Dreamstarter coming out of Nebo School District Indian Education, which is quite a feat since they only pick 10 Dream Starters across the nation in one year. This grant brings in $10,000 to Nebo Title VI Indian Education program to work with students in learning how to start a business. She will attend a Dreamstarter Academy in Washington DC, which will train her on entrepreneurship, public speaking and community networking. Taylor Eddie will have one year to complete her project."

Taylor Eddie exemplifies the qualities necessary to be a leader among her peers and is definitely a role model for other American Indian students in her school and community. The Title VI Staff and Parent Committee are excited to see what activities, field trips, and projects she integrates into the Nebo Title VI Program. Congrats, Taylor Eddie! And a huge thank you to Running Strong Organization for this wonderful opportunity to strengthen American Indian Organization like ours.

For more information about this organization please click here

Springville Jr. High Native Club

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The students at Springville Jr. High are learning how to bead earrings. Jamie Watchman was our special guest on Friday. Jamie is a local American Indian artisan and UVU graduate. She gave us many beading tips that have worked for her, and she also showed us some examples of her beadwork. Thank you, Jamie! We really appreciate you taking time out of your day to support public education and American Indian students. 



Student Leadership Conference- Tuesday, March 19th

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What is it?
There are two components to this conference. There is an awards recognition component which allows students to receive an award in various areas such as: academics, service learning, performing arts, attendance, etc. There is also an educational component which includes break out sessions where students can interact with medical, technical, and mental health professionals.
When is it?
Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.
Where is it?
Utah Valley University. UVU has been generous enough to allow us to have this event in the Grand Ballroom.
What age is this event targeted towards?
This event is intended for students in 7th-12th grade. However, 7th and 8th graders will recieve their award in May at our district awards recogntion night
How is my child nominated for an award?
A Title VI Representative will meet with your student during our monthly Native Club at their school to nominate your student for an award. If you would like to nominate your own child for an award please do so by filling out this nomination form, and email it to Eileen Quintana. A Title VI Representative will also hand out permission slips. If you did not receive on it can be download here
Where are the pick-up locations?
Lunch will be provided for the students who participate. Transportation will be available for students who would like to attend. This event is made possible by a partnership with Utah State Board of Education Title VI.
Thank you, 
Nebo Title VI Staff




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