Da'neest'á Celebration

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group celebrating
woven fabric
Sign describing indigenous farmer teqniques
display table
kids gathered around watching a demonstration

In partnership with the Thanksgiving Point, our program was able to host an event called Da'neest'a Celebration. We were able to use this event as an opportunity to share indigenous teachings, history, customs, and practices. We spend our Saturday introducing our patrons to our Spiral Garden. 

We had four different rotations during the day. The first rotation included a showcase of our Indigenous Garden where partons were able to learn about the produce (Three Sisters and Navajo Watermelon) planted in the Sprial Garden. The second rotation was a weaving demonstration given by Eileen Quintana who was about to be able to walk partons step by through the weaving process (dying, cleaning, carding, spinning, and weaving wool). The third rotation was Navajo Dance. Nebo Title VI students were able to share their dancing talents and abilities by dancing the Navajo Basket and Stash Belt Dance. The last rotation was American Indian Contrictutes in which we shared indigenous recipes and partons were about to see artifacts and weaved rugs.

Overall it turned out to be a great event. If you have not check out our Indigenous Garden, head to Thanksgiving Point at Farm Country to check it out. If you'd like to see the recipes shared at the event please click here.