Utah Tipi Lodge (AJ Blog #1)

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Maykh = Hello in Ute, 

I traveled to my homeland, the Northern Ute reservation with relatives Lapita and Dan Frewin and my parents to harvest tipi lodge poles. We chopped down selected pine trees, hauled and loaded 40 poles. I then made arrangements with my uncle Dan to teach me how to set-up and take down a tipi, as well as preparation work on making the lodge poles. I invited Nebo students to learn how to debark and prepare the trees to use for our tipi workshop, so that this cultural teaching is not lost. Then at Camp Eagle Summer School we taught a class about shelters, and had older students put-up and take-down the tipi every day for practice. We covered information about the bison hide, the work of tanning and tools needed, designs that go on a tipi, and how to set up a lodge. We taught younger students how to make small 15 inch tipi’ miniatures so that they could learn about tribal shelters, and the 1st and 2nd grade students made wickiups. I want to thank cultural specialists Dan and Lapita Frewin for guiding and teaching us. 

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