Indige STEAM 2024 (July 15-19)

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The American Indian Resource Center in partnership with the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine, and Honors College, invites students, 9-12th grade, to participate in IndigeSTEAM; a weeklong summer pathway program where students accelerate their academic preparation for college, explore Indigenous-led and culturally relevant and immersive programming in STEAM, and explore car

Student Leadership Conference 2024

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Every year, our program organizes a Student Leadership Conference designed to acknowledge all Native American students from 6th to 12th grade in our school district. During this event, our Title VI Staff works closely with parents, school counselors, administrators, and school personnel to nominate students for an award. These nominations extend beyond academic achievements to encompass cultural accomplishments as well. Our main objective is to acknowledge and honor as many Native American students as possible. 

MMIW Walk Hosted by MaKenzie Wilber (May 13th)

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There are many missing and murdered indigenous people and many of them are unmarked graves of children. The week of May 5th is Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women awareness week AKA MMIW week. Please join us to bring awareness to this problem, remind us to watch out for all people around us, and to walk for those who can’t. Meet at 4pm on May 13th 2024 

America's Field Trip

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America’s Field Trip is a new nationwide scholastic contest from America250 designed to engage school communities in commemorating and celebrating the nation’s 250th anniversary in 2026 and provide unique opportunities for students to visit some of the nation’s most iconic cultural landmarks and historic sites. By reflecting on what America means to students, this contest will help foster civic engagement and encourage the next generation to take an active role in their communities, their country, and their future. 



Parent Committee Elections

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Parents and Guardians, 

Our Program will be hosting Parent Committee Elections. The Parent Committee serves as an advisory board that helps to guide the Nebo Title VI Program. The committee facilitates parental involvement in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating program activities.