Dylan Smith-Salem Hills

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Dylan Smith is a graduating senior from Salem Hills High School. He belongs to the Chickasaw tribe. Dylan is an exemplary student who takes advantage of educational opportunities. 

His friends and family would describe him as a caring, goal-oriented person. He has a great work ethic and enjoys making others happy. He is a friend to everyone and is always willing to help others.

In his free time he loves spending time outdoors, camping, traveling, and being around friends and family. Dylan's favorite TV show is Modern Family. One of his favorite classes in high school was Math 1040 with Ms. Coffey, and his favorite quote is, "Fake it until you make it."

Dylan has already accomplished so much during his high school career. He has managed to maintain a very high GPA and has received a 3.9 each term of his Senior year. He has also interned at Duncan Aviation during his senior year. Dylan's plans for the future include attending college at Utah Valley University and studying in their aviation program. 

Congratulations, Dylan! Our program is so proud of you. We recognize and applaud all the time and energy you have placed into your academics. We cannot wait to see all the amazing things you will continue to do. You are an inspiration to our Title VI Staff and youth within our program.