Ellianna Bayles-Salem Hills HIgh

Submitted by analysa.allison on Mon, 05/02/2022 - 09:40


Ellianna is a graduating senior from Salem Hills High School. She is from the Navajo Tribe. She is a very bright and talented young lady and has danced for most of my life and was on the SHHS Dance Company my junior year.

In her free time, Ellianna enjoys going on road trips, traveling, crocheting, dancing, working, journaling, watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.

Just a few thoughts from her aunties:

"Elli is witty, smiley, kind, and always up for a good time." 

"Elli is sunshine. I have seen her reach out and spend time with people of all ages, especially if they are sad or lonely. She is incredibly empathetic. She has jumped in and saved me by helping with whatever was needed at dinners, parties, and chores... She has a beautiful face and a beautiful spirit." 

"Elli is the kind of person who makes everybody feel important and loved. She is funny and keeps things exciting. She's always up for an adventure, an impromptu cousin cry, or a spiritual moment... She's got the sweetest, most beautiful old soul and a beautiful face to match." 

"It's all true... she is kind, compassionate, always helping others, a good listener, a good friend, the first to jump up and help, loves children, emotionally strong, a bright soul and beautiful."

In the future, Ellianna plans on attending Utah Valley University and possibly the University of Utah after she finishes her generals.

Ellianna has been so helpful to our program in the past year. She recently volunteered her time to help with our Christmas party. She also helped bring awareness to an important Indigenous issue regarding graduation regalia in a video that was shown at the Utah American Indian Caucus Day. 

Congratulations, Ellianna. You are such a beautiful young lady inside and out. Our program is so grateful for your willingness to be a role model to current and future students in our program and Nebo School District. We are so proud of you! Keep up the wonderful work.