Native Club Field Trip (January 6, 2022)

Submitted by analysa.allison on Wed, 11/17/2021 - 10:06

Native Club

Attention ALL Nebo Title VI Native Clubs (6th-12th grade) please join us for an afternoon at the Springville Art Museum. Parents and Guardians must provide transportation to and from this field trip and are encouraged to join in a guided tour through the Art Museum. 

Contact your Title VI Representative: 

  • Eileen & Brooke: (Foothills, Mt. Loafer, Salem Elementary, Barnett, Park View, Spring Lake, Taylor, Wilson, Orchard Hills, Santaquin, Apple Valley, Goshen, Mt. Nebo Middle, Valley View Middle, Payson Jr., Salem Jr. High, Payson High, and Salem Hills High)
  • Analysa: (Art City, Westside, Sage Creek, Meadow Brook, Brookside, Spring Canyon Middle, Springville  Jr., Springville Jr., Springville High)
  • Shoshana: (Cherry Creek, Hobble Creek, Maple Ridge, Mapleton Elementary, Maple Grove Middle, Mapleton Jr., and Maple Mountain High) 
  • Natalie: (Brockbank, Canyon, East Meadows, Larsen, Park, Rees, Riverview, Sierra Bonita, Spanish Oaks, Diamond Fork Middle, Spanish Fork Middle, Spanish Fork High, and Landmark High)


Eileen- eileen [dot] quintana [at] nebo [dot] edu

Brooke- brooke [dot] perkins [at] nebo [dot] edu

Analysa- analysa [dot] allison [at] nebo [dot] edu

Shoshana- shoshana [dot] begay [at] nebo [dot] edu

Natalie- natalie [dot] billie [at] nebo [dot] edu