Nima Groves is announced Dreamstarter for 2024-2025

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Dowawisnima Groves

Nima Groves, a sophomore in Nebo School District, has been named the 2024 Dreamstarter for Running Strong. Running Strong is an organization created by Billy Mills, an Olympic gold medalist. Running Strong is committed to serving and supporting Native American youth across the United States. 

At the beginning of the year, Nima collaborated with the Nebo Title VI Program to write a grant aimed at reconnecting Native American Youth with their cultural identity. Nima's vision includes incorporating activities such as beading, regalia making, music, and dance into the Nebo Title VI Program, allowing Native American Youth to express their narratives through art. The Title VI Staff is incredibly proud of Nima Groves and applauds her dedication to crafting this grant. We are thrilled to offer our support as she embarks on her journey as a Dreamstarter.

Read more about her project here