Public Meeting

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We hold a public meeting for our community each year and YOU'RE INVITED! 

Date: April 10, 2024, (Title VI, Parent Committee Public meeting) Time: 7:00 - 8:00 pm Location: Spanish Oaks Elementary School 2701 E Canyon Crest Dr. Spanish Fork, Utah 84660 

5.0 Part II: Section 2: Public Hearing 

5.1. What is a public hearing? A public hearing is required for all applicant types under ESEA section 6114(c)(3)(C). The public hearing is an opportunity for parents of Indian children and teachers, representatives of Indian Tribes on Indian lands located within 50 miles of any school that the agency will serve if such Tribes have any children in such school, Indian organizations, and, if appropriate, Indian U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Formula Grant EASIE FAQs Part II 17 | P a g e March 31, 2022 students from secondary schools to understand the program and to offer recommendations regarding the program. Two basic requirements of a public meeting are that the public be notified and be allowed to attend. Documentation of the public hearing should be maintained. 

5.2 What information is requested in the application regarding the public hearing? Since holding a public hearing is a required element for an Indian Education Formula Grant, applicants must indicate in the application the date on which the public hearing was held during SY 2023-24. The public hearing date should be before the current date the information is certified and not exceed the EASIE Part II close date. All applicants must respond to this item.