Sara Powell Dream Starter 2023

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Congratulations to Sara Powell! She was named Dream Starter 2023. Sara is currently a Junior and applied for a grant through the Running Strong organization. There are only ten indivudals across the United States who are seleted for this grant. Sara will partner with the Nebo Title VI Program to integrate projects that involve Environmental Justice. We are so excited to be a mentor organization for Sara and her dream. 

Sara Powell, 16, lives in Springville, Utah and belongs to the Kinyaa’aanii clan of the Navajo Nation. Sara comes from a large family that is very connected to their local community, where she attends the district high school and participates in their Title VI program. In her area, many families had to leave the reservation to secure better work and educational opportunities, which has led to difficulty for urban Native youth to connect with their cultures and traditions.

When she learned that there are only 13 grocery stores on the Navajo Nation, that rates of obesity and diabetes in her tribe are twice the national average, and that that 90% or more of the food on the reservation is imported, Sara saw an opportunity to engage Native youth in her urban community with traditional Navajo food systems and teach youth how to use their cultural practices to address food security issues.

Through the Three Sisters Garden, students can grow indigenous plants, learn traditional recipes, and have access to fresh and healthy food. Sara hopes that increased food access and food sovereignty will increase health in her community, provide more food security, and reconnect Native youth with their culture and the land.

Learn more about Sara's dream here.