Student Leadership Celebration (May 1, 2024)

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Student Leadership Conference 2024

Updated: 3/19/24

Parents and Guardians,

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a Student Leadership Conference for ALL American Indian students (6th-12th grade) in our school district. This event is scheduled to take place on May 1, 2024, at the Summit Center.

Students can be nominated by parents, guardians, teachers, counselors, administrators, or any staff at their school. Nominations can be made across various categories, which include graduating senior, academic achievement, cultural recognition, performing arts, service learning, heritage language, athletics, arts and crafts, and standing tall. It's important to note that students can be nominated for categories beyond academic accomplishments. This leadership night aims to celebrate a holistic view of our students.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Natalie Billie at natalie.billie [at]

Please nominate your student today.