Student Leadership Conference 2024

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Every year, our program organizes a Student Leadership Conference designed to acknowledge all Native American students from 6th to 12th grade in our school district. During this event, our Title VI Staff works closely with parents, school counselors, administrators, and school personnel to nominate students for an award. These nominations extend beyond academic achievements to encompass cultural accomplishments as well. Our main objective is to acknowledge and honor as many Native American students as possible. 

Title VI Students Perform with handdrums

The event began with an opening song performed by our Title VI students. Our students took part in a drum-making workshop and showcased their talents by using the drums they created.

Following this, Dezi Lynn, Nebo Parent and the NIEA Educator Initiative Manager, moderated a student panel. The panel explored various topics including cultural identity, heritage, education, community involvement, future aspirations, advocacy, representation, stereotypes, prejudice, sources of inspiration, and future plans. Five exceptional seniors from high schools within the school district participated: Alysa Billy from Maple Mountain, Sara Powell from Springville High, Mya Jansen from Maple Mountain, Gracie Bayles from Salem Hills, and Ava Nakai from Spanish Fork High. Each of these students displayed remarkable bravery and offered insightful responses, representing themselves admirably. 

Graduating seniors were honored with a song sung by AJ and Rose Quintana. Immediately following, students were then joined on stage by their administrators and counselors to receive their awards.

In conclusion, we introduced Nima Groves as the 2024 Dream Starter. Nima invited all attendees to partake in her upcoming projects. Our Nebo Title VI Ambassadors also encouraged fellow students to join this year's Ambassador Pageant.