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I wanted to share with you some information about American Indian literature that I find to be an excellent resource for libraries, 
Debbie Reece created this website to share books and writings that are culturally accurate, I will share with you her thoughts about why AICL is an important website: 
"Given these studies, I believe the books Native students read in school play a significant role in how Native students fare.  Teachers and librarians have a role to play, too, in the success of Native students. For me--and I hope for you--that means selecting books that accurately portray Native people and our nations. I'm not after "perfect" Natives with no faults, but ones that portray us in all of our humanity, with the range of our emotions and actions. These books are important for non-Native students, too, because they deserve accurate books, too, no matter who the books are about. And, some of these non-Native students will grow up to be writers, or editors, or reviewers, or librarians, or teachers who write, read, and share children's and young adult literature."
So many books have been written by non-natives that were not accurate that I thought this would be helpful to you as well as Nebo School libraries. 
2013 Best Books for Elementary School:
Best Books for High School:
Here are more resources for teaching!
Utah Education Network:
Utah Division of Indian Affairs - FAQ page.
Utah Board of Education - Indian Education website link:
National Museum of American Indians - Thanksgiving:
Montana Indian Education for All:
I hope this is something that you find to be informative and helpful. Please call me if you ever want to collaborate with our program, we have a short video about our Camp Eagle Summer School that was recorded by Spanish Fork Channel 17 at this Nebo link about Camp Eagle Summer School:  
Eileen Quintana,
Nebo Indian Education Program
Eileen Quintana