Keoni Boren: "Let's Go Hunt Monsters!" "It Will Be Awesome!"

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It is hard to miss Keoni Boren, a senior from Springville High School.  He definitely has a BIG personality and a strong presence.  You will notice this Navajo/Pacific Islander/Caucasian from Springville.  There isn’t any hiding in the shadows for this kind, generous, social, likeable senior. His family and friends say that he can make friends with anyone and make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Keoni says one very particular “thing,” about him is that he is protective of his sister Ella.  He wants the best for her. Ella, you are lucky to have such a sibling. Keoni likes to listen to all kinds of music.  He says his taste in music ranges from Jazz to country to classical. And depending on the season, you might find Keoni spending his free time, swimming, four wheeling, or having a snowball fight. However you will find him sketching all the time.  He has over 13 notebooks filled with sketches.  One of his favorite things to do is listen to a song and interpret the song through his art.

Keoni likes to watch T.V. with his sister. Their latest, “go to,” is Mountain Monsters. The episode about the Cherokee Devil is his favorite.  He says he’s a believer. Sushi has been his food of choice lately. Wild Ginger in Provo or Sushi House in American Fork are places he likes to go for his spider roll, California roll and Firecracker. His color of choice is blue. He likes watching and playing rugby and hockey.  He really enjoys swimming.

His favorite class this year has been being a TA for the preschool. Memorable moments of his high school career are the firsts, first date, first prom, first dance. He says they were a blast. Keoni plans on going on a mission for his church, then going to Snow College to study engineering. One thing on his bucket list is to one day build a sailboat and sail the world. A quote that has kept Keoni going many a times is, “Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the action in the face of fear.” - Mark Messier.

Keoni has had quite a year with obstacles and drawbacks that he has had to face and push through. You would never know because of his positive outlook. He is a young man that has a bright future and we wish him all the best! 

Brenda Beyal