Oyate Tubby - Senior

Submitted by brenda.beyal on Thu, 12/10/2015 - 08:41
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Oyate is one of two seniors to graduate the first term of the school year.  And the first for our program to spotlight.  She is deligtful and full of enthusiasm and energy. I asked Oyate to write a little about herself:  

My friends and family descibe me as creative, kind, passionate, hard working and beautiful. I love to sing, draw and to watch movies during my free time. My all time favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. My favorite food comes from my mother's side of the family, Filipino egg rolls called Lumpia. My favorite color is blue and my favorite sport is football. My favorite class was oil painting. My most memorable moment of high school has to be when my former principal Joe Kelly of Landmark High School pinned me with a special dragon pin for showing true dragon spirit in front of the whole school. My future plans are to work full time at a good paying job and move out on my own. One thing I have on my bucket list is to visit Australia. My favorite quote of all time is, "In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took but how many moments took your breath away." -Unknown



Oyate Tubby