Story Telling Night 2020

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"We have prepared an engaging and informative evening for Nebo School District families and community. The evening will provide hands on experience with authentic American Indian stories, songs, dances and food. A variety of teaching resources will be provided regarding indigenous people who have inhabited Utah for centuries. We invite Nebo Social Studies teachers and departments to partner with us to offer extra credit to their students to attend this Nebo School District cultural awareness evening. We will have a sign in sheet with attendance list for each school sent back to teachers participating in this collaboration. 

Nebo Indian Education staff will offer four workshops.

  1. Analysa Allison and Natalie Billie will present on “Contributions of American Indians to Society Today.”
  2. Shoshana Begay and students will share a Coyote Winter story through performing arts.
  3. Eileen Quintana will share an American cultural museum with Native arts, regalia, tools and demonstrations of wrapping a baby in a cradle board.
  4. Michelle Sanchez will MC while Nebo Native American students share songs and Pow Wow dances.

Teacher resource links will be shared for lesson and curriculum planning on Nebo Title VI website. Nebo Title VI Parent Committee will be cooking and selling Navajo tacos for $7 and fry bread $2 or $ 30 family meals for five in order to raise scholarship money for graduating seniors this year. We appreciate your continuous support and hope to see you there."

Eileen Quintana
Nebo Title VI Program