Traveling Tracey! Payson High Senior

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Tracey Bravo, Dine' will be graduating this year from Payson High School. While some may find the five minute drive to school difficult, Tracey has had to ride the bus to and from Goshen every day to get to Payson High for the past three years.  The bus came around 6:15 every morning and arrived home at 4:00. Tracey rarely missed a day of school. In addition she worked at the Dairy. When asked how difficult it was, she says, “Difficult? No, it’s just what I had to do.” Tracey has learned to do hard things at a young age and when you meet her, you will see she is not afraid to do what is necessary to get things done. She is a friendly, outgoing, genuinely kind, fun person. Her mother considers Tracey her right arm. For Tracey, family has been and will always be the most important part of her life.

In her free time Tracey likes to hang out friends and be with family. She likes taking trips to Arizona to visit her relatives. She also likes to watch Pretty Little Liars on T.V. when she has a moment or two.  Her favorite dinner or lunch is a hearty Navajo Taco. She likes the colors black, purple and white.  Her favorite sport to play and watch is basketball. She is taking driver’s ed. and so her new sport of choice is driving.

In high school, her favorite class has been English. Some things she will always remember about her years at Payson are hanging out with friends and all the school activities. Her future plans are to continue working through the summer and then head down to Dixie State University. She’s excited about the new adventures that await. One thing she would like to do in the future is travel to different parts of the world. Her favorite quote is, “Faith is having a positive attitude about what you can do and not worrying at all about what you can’t do.” – Joyce Meyer.

Tracey is an unassuming person who knows that hard work is a part of succeeding. She has already developed many traits that put her on the path to achieving her goals. We are proud of you, Tracey!

Brenda Beyal