35 American Indian Seniors in Nebo School District

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This year we have 35 Native American Seniors! All of these students are doing wonderful things, and many are taking challenging courses and participating in extracurricular activities. Keep up the great work Seniors!

So far:

  • One Senior has graduated early and is attending MTECH for Welding.
  • One Senior is a Sterling Scholar In Computer Technology and has committed to play BYU Lacrosse after he serves a full-time LDS Mission. 
  • Two Seniors are working diligently with the hopes of graduating early in January 2019. 
  • Eight Seniors recieved a 4.0 for Term 1 
  • Five Seniors taking challenging and fulfilling courses at Advanced Learning Center
  • Two Seniors attending MTECH for Medical Field related occupations.

Please know this a quick overview of terrific things going on among our Native American Seniors. Keep up the great work!