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Introducing an amazing senior from Maple Mountain High School. Andrew Letzerich; Cherokee, Hispanic, Caucasian. He is very proud of his ancestry and is continually learning about each culture he comes from. Andrew’s friends describe him as kind and a leader.  He also is very loyal to his family and friends and would give anything to help them. Sometimes we forget that the greatest contributions we can make are to our own family and friends. 

 In his spare time Andrew loves to ride his motorcycle, work on his friend’s farm and weld. His favorite movie because of its spotlight on motorcycles is, Sons of Anarchy. A quote from that series, “Not my place to judge, we all fall down, it’s about how we get up.” – Gemma.

 Andrew loves Arroz con pollo and Indian Tacos. Not necessarily in that order. His color of choice is orange and his favorite sport is football. His favorite class in school is welding. One of his most memorable moments in high school was during his sophomore year, watching his friend’s brother jump from the school balcony above the lunch room. No students were hurt during this crazy stunt.

 After he graduates, he plans to go on a mission for his church and then return to college. He was one of the recipients of the Title VI parent committee scholarship this past week. One of the items on his bucket list is to one day go skydiving. Andrew has things to do, places to go and people to influence. Good Luck Andrew on all your endeavors and congratulations on receiving your diploma.

We leave you with a short line from one of Andrew’s favorite quotes/scripture: “. . . my cup runneth over.” 

Brenda Beyal