Camp Eagle 2018 has begun!

Submitted by analysa.allison on Wed, 06/06/2018 - 11:38

Camp Eagle 2018 has begun! There has been a great turn out of students so far. Camp Eagle is being held at Larsen Elementary this year and is June 4th-June 28th. Monday through Thursday. There is no summer school on Fridays. Summer school starts daily at 8:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm. 

This year we have several wonderful Educators contributing their talents to help students expand their minds this summer. Some of the subjects and Educators include:

Poetry with Lisa Bickmore and Analysa Allison- students are brushing up on their reading and writing skills. Students have been introduced to several different poetic forms and are encouraged to draw upon their own experiences, memories, feelings, and perceptions to create poems of their own. Students are encouraged to draw illustrations that relate to their poems as well. 

Arts and Crafts with Lapita Frewin- This week Lapita is teaching our students how to make American Indian inspired ornaments for a tree we are helping decorate for the Festival of Trees in December. Some ornaments include miniature handmade drums, canoes, Pendleton animals such as buffalos, sheep, and horses, and dream catchers. 

College Preparation Math with Maria Yazzie- Secondary students get the opportunity to prepare for college Math 1010 and Math 1050 course. Maria and the students discuss and solve commonly asked math equations and problems on the UVU Accuplacer test with hopes that the students will be able to pass the Accuplacer test in early August.  

Basic Math & Reading with Shoshana Begay- Students have been making art projects that relate to math. Every day all students read a book before they attend classes. The younger students have an older buddy help them read a new book each day.

P.E. with Natalie Billie- Each day our students get a full 40 minutes of playing outdoors games. 

Preschool with Betty Tanner and Teacher Assistant Barbara Allison- Students ages 3 to 4 attend preschool daily. They have several hands-on activities to introduce them to counting, the alphabet, nursery rhymes, and of course physical activity of playing outside for these little ones to get their wiggles out. 

Early morning dance classes with Alfredo Quintana, Cody Singer, Chelsea Thompson, Amber Fregoso, and Shauny Talk- Students spend about an hour learning grass, hoop, jingle, and fancy. Dance class starts right at 8:00 am.

Special Guest for the first week of Summer School is Donna Eldridge- An outreach coordinator for the School of Medicine at the University of Utah. Students have been introduced to the excitement of STEM learning.

Special Guest for the second week of Summer School is Rosebud Quintana- Students were able to discuss and learn about the importance to preserve an respect our environment. Students were introduced to Bears Ears National Park and discussed current issues surrounding the sacred land. Students were able to meet the Former Councilwoman of the Ute Moutain Regina Lopez Whiteskunk. 

Special Guest for the final week of Summer School is Adam Conte and Jacob Crane- They are teaching the students the art of filmmaking. They are teaching the students who to make short films. The students have been writing and creating films of their own. 

With so many wonderful Educators contributing their talents and abilities daily, the students have definitely had an enriched start to summer. All of the Educators have had a wonderful experience teaching such special students. 

Things to look forward to:

June 25-27th: we will be having three field trips during June 25th, 26th, and 27th. All families are invited to attend. Please contact eileen.quintana [at] (Eileen) Quintana to sign permission slips. 

June 28th: We will have a exhibit displaying student work at 5 pm before the Pow-Wow. Nebo Title VI Annual Pow-Wow will be held at Larsen Elementary 6 pm to 8pm.