Intelligent, Outgoing Colton Sleper!

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Colton Sleper hails from the Juaneño Band of Mission Indians of California.  They are the original inhabitants of what is now known as Orange County. Colton’s family members are great leaders in the tribe. And you can see their strength through Colton. He was able to graduate with high honors in January from Spanish Fork High School.  He has spent his time exploring his “options.” He is working now and says he will eventually go to college. His family and friends describe him as intelligent, outgoing and determined.  He has his own way of doing things and he usually ends up on top.

In his free time he likes to listen to music.  He enjoys rap and hip-hop the most. He also likes to watch Drake and Josh. The presence of parodies in the sitcom such as B. F. Wangs, Galaxy Wars and Pintendo can help anyone relax after a stressful day. Another thing that helps make his day is eating his favorite food – ribs, cooked slowly with plenty of sauce. Yum! Maybe a mocha-cola with the ribs would put them over the top.

Colton likes the colors black and red. He enjoys watching and playing baseball. In high school, his favorite class was art. Something he will always remember about high school is graduating early. He would like to one day explore New York. All the different parts of the city intrigue him so going one time will not be enough. A favorite quote of his is, “Always strive and prosper.”

Colton has all the qualities needed to prosper.  He is on his way to doing great things. We wish him all the best and, “Pip, pip da doodly do!” 

Brenda Beyal