Isaiah Strosser - Rugby, Cruising, Grilled Chicken!

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Isaiah’s friends say that he is funny, loyal and caring. He says that his mom would say he is rough around the edges. And then again some would say he is determined and focused. All of these words describe this charismatic senior. He is all about Rugby and is on his way to Nationals with his team this coming week. Kansas City here comes Isaiah!  He lives for the sport. Isaiah says he’s a simple guy who loves the game of rugby, hanging out with friends, long boarding, cruising and once in while taking a bet. He jumped into a lake once with his clothes on, on a chilly late autumn evening. He won ten bucks.  

It is Isaiah’s hope that Kansas City has good Mexican food because that is his favorite.  He especially likes grilled chicken, Mexican style. His favorite color is red.  He says it’s the alpha color. His favorite class in high school was weight training. He doesn’t watch T.V. much, however likes the movie Logan and sometimes will sit and watch Tosh.O. One thing on his bucket list is to be “ripped,” like Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine.

Memorable times attending Springville High School for Isaiah are when he and his friends would hang out. Isaiah plans on working for a year and, yes, still playing rugby. He would like to go to college. One of his favorite quotes is, “No matter how good you are to people, some will criticize you, ignore those who hate you, be yourself.”

Isaiah is Lakota/Caucasian. He is proud of heritage. And is never ashamed to acknowledge his roots. Congratulations Isaiah on graduating. Good luck at nationals and to quote Donald Pierce, “I’m a fan, by the way.”


Brenda Beyal