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Storytelling is a tradition among all Native Americans. This is a time to relate history, give counsel and explain natural phenomenon.  The storytellers are charged not only with entertaining but also with passing down oral traditions.  This writer remembers cold winter evenings sitting by her grandfather as he told stories that brought vivid images to her mind.  It was a time for family togetherness, wisdom shared and new learning. 

This Monday, February 27th, Nebo's Indian Education program will be holding their storytelling night at Larsen Elementary.  Two featured tellers, Julius Chavez and Shawn Cesspooch will take center stage.  Our own Nebo Performing Arts Group will also entertain with some hand drum songs and dances. 

To begin the evening, Indian Taco will be for sale for $7 a plate or 5 plates for $30.  All monies will benefit the Parent Committee Scholarship Program which in the past has handed out over 15 scholarships to students graduating from Nebo School District High Schools. 

Come and join us with your family for this event. It starts at 6:00 p.m. with dinner until 7:00 p.m. At 7:00, the storytelling portion will begin. It is being held at Larsen Elementary in Spanish Fork, Utah. Please call Eileen Quintana for more information. 

Brenda Beyal