Kalob Eddie- Maple Mountain High

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Kalob is a graduating Senior from Maple Mountain High School. Kalob's friends and family would describe him as fun, shy, and all around happy person. He is from the Navajo Tribe. 
His favorite thing to do is to play soccer. He is very talented at soccer as well. One of his most memorable moments from high school includes making the varsity soccer team. He has spent a lot of time and dedication to practicing the sport he loves.
Kalob has always made education a priority in his life. In high school, Kalob's favorite class is a Pharmacy Technician course which he takes at MTEC. This course is challenging and covers a lot of information. However, Kalob has excelled in this course.   In the future, Kalob plans to work as a Pharmacy Technician then go to college to become a Pharmacist. 
Congratulations, Kalob! The Nebo Title VI Program is extremely proud of you. You have accomplished so much already, and we know that you will accomplish wonderful things in the future.


Jessica Eddie