Keala Anderson - Looking Upward and Onward!

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 What do the Squamish, Hawaiian, Caucasian, and Maori have in common? They can claim Keala Anderson as their own. Keala comes from these peoples and is very proud of each lineage. He is a hoop dancer, enjoys Hawaiian music, can do the Hauka and wants to one day visit New Zealand, home to the Maori. He is comfortable in many different settings and will soon be spending two years in the Philippines on a mission for his church. Keala is a senior at Spanish Fork High.  He wrestled for the Dons and participated in concert choir during his junior year. He loves to play soccer for his club team and can't turn down a game of rugby. His friends describe him as athletic and easy to talk to.  His brothers, all six of them see him as a leader and role model.  He is gentle-hearted and has a smile that opens doors.

 Keala’s food of choice is fruits, all kinds. And when he craves junk food, he heads for pizza. His favorite movies right now are Pirates of the Caribbean and La La Land. He enjoys listening to classic rock and country music. He also is into photography and can’t resist a good “shoot.” Photography is seeing more than what initially meets the eye and looking beyond is what Keala likes to do. 

 In high school his favorite class was sports medicine where he learned about the human body. He says it's amazing what we have been gifted with. An experience he will always remember about high school is attending this spring’s Prom and having his sister and her date join their group. “It was great to experience it with family,” he said.  After his mission, Keala would like to attend Snow College and then BYU. He would like to follow in his father’s footsteps and join Living Legends. A quote that has helped him through many things in his life is, “Do or do not, there is no try.” - Yoda.  

We can see that Keala commits fully to his goals and leaves half- hearted attempts to others. We have full confidence he will be successful in life. Congratulations Keala.

Brenda Beyal