Larsen Elementary After School Lab

Submitted by analysa.allison on Mon, 01/22/2018 - 17:39

Our after-school lab at Larsen Elementary is in full swing. We have had such a great turn out this year with eager to learn students, and very supportive parents. Our Larsen lab is offered on Mondays from 2-5 pm and Wednesdays 3-5 pm. We offer homework help, cultural enrichment, and our performing arts groups have their practice during lab.

Students ranging from 3-18 years old have joined us at the Larsen lab this year. All of the students are extremely talented in different areas such as reading, writing, math, drawing, dancing, singing, etc. That is just to name a few talents we have come across. Many have joined our performing arts group as well, and have their own first performances already. This year our youngest performer being just 3 years old.

Many of our parents have been creating some beautiful regalia for our performing arts group. Our parent committee even meets weekly to work on regalia together. If you are parent interested in working on regalia with us or even a parent wanting to learn how to make regalia please contact larjucruz [at] gmail [dot] com (Julie Cruz) for more information. 


Article By: Analysa Allison and Photos By: Natalie Billie and Eileen Quintana