"Makin Beats," Nicholas Nez!

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We found Nick last Thursday finishing up a “beat,” in his audio essentials class at the Advanced Learning Center. It is his favorite class there at the school besides lunch.  He attended ALC every other day this school year. He said it would great to become a famous music producer. That is on his bucket list, along with buying Eminem’s $20,000 shoes. Nick likes Mo Tab, Lil Yachy, Lil Uzi, Childish Gambino, Fergie, Celine Dion and Mariah Cary.

Nicholas Nez is Navajo and a graduating senior from Payson High School. He definitely is his own person with an off the wall or should I say off the charts sense of humor. In his free time, he enjoys feeding his cat Moosa and making rap beats. He also like to watch movies such as Heavyweights and Grumpy Cat - “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.” He will also make time to watch 19 Kids and Counting and Flava of Love. He says his favorite sports are Mexican Hat dancing, dancing and wrestling.  He wrestled for the Payson High Lions. An experience he will always remember is the time he was warming up for wrestling by playing handball and broke his nose, no wrestling that day. He will always remember his wrestling experiences. Another thing he will remember is waking up at 3 in the afternoon and getting up to go to school.

He can eat guacamole and chips any day along with a plate of tamales. He also likes Vegan? And, microwavable food and going to Mexican restaurants. His future plans include going on a mission, then to UVU. He thinks he may want to become a gastroenterologist or go into business and marketing.  One of his favorite quotes is, “A life time of glory is worth a moment of pain.” –From the movie Unbroken.

Nick is a fun loving senior that will undoubtable have a successful, fun life. Good luck Nick!

Brenda Beyal