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Nicole Powell is a graduating Seniors from Springville High School. Nicole is a bright student who excels in her academics. She has received excellent grades during her high school career. Nicole comes from a large family and her family members would all say she is understanding and a great friend to all.

Her favorite movie is Mamma Mia. Her favorite foods include food that makes her feel warm such as Navajo Tacos and Chili. Soccer is her favorite sport. Her most memorable moment from high school was being a part of the plays. She was involved with the following plays: Cinderella, Go Back for Murder, Into the Woods, and Women of Lockerbie. She also really enjoyed working on the school newspaper.

Congratulation to Nicole! She is such a wonderful person to be around, and she has accomplished so much already. Good luck in all your future endeavors, and keep up the great work! The Nebo Title VI Program is so proud of you.