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Mailyn Lee, Navajo/Filipino spoke at Landmark High School’s graduation ceremony on Monday along with two other students. She spoke of how she was able to change her story by taking baby steps. And those steps led to her graduating. It could have been much different for her. She did a wonderful job and represented well.

She loves being around people and is self-confident. She has a smile that can lift anyone’s spirits.  Her family says that she has a big heart and loves to make people smile. Her friends say she is outgoing and loves to explore. She loves playing soccer, surfing, hiking and being outdoors. She has already began working on an item on her bucket list, she wants to explore all of Utah, hike, go caving and see the land.

Mailyn likes listening to music you can sing to.  She particularly likes girlie songs and rap.  She enjoys watching football and baseball.  Her colors of choice are neutrals with blue. Her favorite foods are Mexican and Vietnamese.  She especially likes chicken tacos, chimichangas and pho soup.  She plans on continuing her studies at MATC and eventually would like to go to Weber State.  One memorable moment at Landmark was when they all went out and had a kickball tournament. Everyone was so carefree and they just had fun and played and played she said.

One way she copes with hard times is to sit down and write about it in story form.  She finds that many of her answers or solutions come when she does this. We end with the quote Mailyn ended her speech with at her graduation, “Little by little, one travels far.” J.R.R. Tolkien. We know that Mailyn will go far by taking one step at a time. GO MAILYN!!

Brenda Beyal