Navajo Class at Larsen Elementary

Submitted by brenda.beyal on Wed, 10/04/2017 - 13:11

Our Navajo Language class is officially underway. It is offered every Tuesday at Larsen Elementary. We have a handful of high school students who have been making a great effort to come to class weekly, and have been diligent in their own learning process. This course is taught by Clayton Long, who is an Bilingual Director in San Juan School District. Clayton speaks the Navajo Language beautifully. The Navajo Language is such a complex, and dynamic language.

Photo By: Natalie Billie

Cherry Creek Elementary After School Homework Lab

Submitted by brenda.beyal on Thu, 09/21/2017 - 17:40

We are excited to announce our Cherry Creek After School Homework Lab has started! It is every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-5:00 at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville. We have had a wonderful turn out as far, and would like any American Indian student to join us. This lab offers help with homework, reading, writing, and math. Along with that, tutors from UVU SCUP are on-site to help and assist student with their individual academic needs. 

Photo by: Shoshana Begay

Title VI Dancers invited to groundbreaking Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point

Submitted by brenda.beyal on Thu, 09/21/2017 - 16:53

On September 11, 2017, our Title VI dancers had the opporuintiy to perform at the groundbreaking for the Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point. Despite their young ages, these dancers did a wonderful performance. These young dancers danced the fancy shawl dance. This dance orginated among the northern tribes. Fancy shawl dancers are intented to resemble butterfiles. They are called "fancy shawl" dancers because the shawl tend to be colorful, bright, frigned, and the length of the shawl is similar to a butterflies wingspan.

Photos By: Natalie Billie and Eileen Quintana

Play and Book Signing

Submitted by ts on Fri, 06/16/2017 - 12:18
Camp Eagle Summer School events open to PUBLIC! 
We are collaborating with Native American authors of the book "Edge Of Morning" Torrey House Press SLC. Regina Lopez Whiteskunk and Jackie Keeler will speak on June 23, 2017 at 5:00 - 6:00 pm and autograph books for those that purchase these books.

Sadie Melton, MMHS Graduate

Submitted by brenda.beyal on Thu, 05/25/2017 - 07:33

Sadie Melton is a graduating senior from Maple Mountain High School. She is Aleut/Caucasian and a treasure to each lineage. Her family and friends describe her as funny, kind to everyone, beautiful and easy going. She is also hardworking, dedicated and a great problem solver. If you are lucky to be her friend, you are a friend for life. Sadie loves to cook in her free time, especially bake, her family and neighbors are often the recipients of delectable goodies. When she is not baking, she loves to hang out with friends or read a good book.  Her favorite movies are the Harry Potter movies.

Brenda Beyal


"Makin Beats," Nicholas Nez!

Submitted by brenda.beyal on Wed, 05/24/2017 - 08:52

We found Nick last Thursday finishing up a “beat,” in his audio essentials class at the Advanced Learning Center. It is his favorite class there at the school besides lunch.  He attended ALC every other day this school year. He said it would great to become a famous music producer. That is on his bucket list, along with buying Eminem’s $20,000 shoes. Nick likes Mo Tab, Lil Yachy, Lil Uzi, Childish Gambino, Fergie, Celine Dion and Mariah Cary.

Brenda Beyal

Speaking Mailyn Lee!

Submitted by brenda.beyal on Tue, 05/23/2017 - 23:42

Mailyn Lee, Navajo/Filipino spoke at Landmark High School’s graduation ceremony on Monday along with two other students. She spoke of how she was able to change her story by taking baby steps. And those steps led to her graduating. It could have been much different for her. She did a wonderful job and represented well.

Brenda Beyal